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The SSIT Group is committed to creating, marketing and maintaining tourist accommodation in resorts. With this in mind, we support daily bed development projects for the rental market. It therefore seemed natural to us to create Destination Mountain, our own real estate agency, specializing in the sale of new and old real estate in ski resorts, sometimes directly resulting from SSIT promotions or projects developed by our constructor partners. The goal: to enable our clients to acquire the property that best suits their budget, their expectations and their financial objectives, while promoting the creation or maintenance of hot beds in the French Alps.

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SSIT: boosting mountain tourism

Founded in 1991 under the name of SSP (Savoie Station Participation), SSIT has a clear mission: reboost ski resorts tourism by accompanying the actors of the mountain. As an expert in consulting and project engineering process, the Group works with individuals, professionals and local authorities through its various subsidiaries. In particular, SSIT helps them to carry out their real estate operations - when these aim to increase the number of tourist beds in resorts - and to support the ski areas development and exploitation

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